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I think I'm about 2 to 3 years old. Staples is not my real name, but it's the name that people are calling me based on what happened to me. My mouth was stapled shut by someone who wasn't very nice. Because of that and not eating, I was throwing up acid into my mouth and nasel passage. An infection happened in my throat and sinus passage because my throw up came out through my nose.

I was rescued by Marc Ching and the Animal Hope and Wellness Foundation. I think I'm ready to find my new home, but Marc thinks I need maybe two more weeks under his care before that can happen. Why my mouth was stapled shut and why my skin was burned with acid, I do not know. I do not even bark ever, so why this happened I cannot say. What I do know is that I'm getting better each day, and that no one can ever hurt me like that again.

I came to Marc weighing 21/2 pounds. I have doubled my weight since I can eat now. I am being treated naturally for a fungal infection and bacterial infection by him. I take probiotic supplements daily, and now only eat Petstaurant food. My diet and care are not cheap. I would like my new parents to cook for me for the rest of my life. That's a requirement that I feel I need to insist on due to my throat being burned and my having maggots in my nose. I acquired a sensitivity to grain and starches, so a Paleo diet is best.

Whoever adopts me, please know I have a weak immune system that needs to be built. It'll take me 3 to 6 months to fully be back to normal health. The tragedy and abuse I endured, I may never fully be able to heal from. But life moves forward. Marc takes me home at night, and before bed speaks to me of a place that I cannot imagine existing. It's a place where hope and possibility can actually come true. He said one day I'll be the luckiest dog on earth. That I will have real parents, and maybe even a sibling. He promised me!

How you can help me? By raising awareness of what the Animal Hope and Wellness Foundation does. I am not alone. And while my story is tragic, I have learned through the stories of the other dogs here, that my terror was not as bad as theirs. It's sad having no voice. No one to protect or to speak out for me. It's sad thinking that this happens everyday to thousands of dogs out there.

Hope for a better tomorrow is possible.