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My name is Molly. I have a terrible story.

I am at a Veterinarian Hospital right now and am in the ICU ward. My previous owner who was my abuser broke all my legs with his hands and left me to die. He twisted them, and broke them in a way that will be very difficult to fix. I am supposed to be rescued by Marc Ching and the Animal Hope and Wellness Foundation, whom received pictures and information about me late last night.

Marc is at the center right now waiting to see if I can be transferred out to an Emergency hospital. The person in charge of my care said my outlook seems grim. But still yet, Marc wants to try and give me a chance at life still.

Will I ever be able to walk again - he is not sure. But what he wants is to give me an opportunity at life. He knows that there are people out in the world that would give me a chance at living a long full life, even if I need to be carried around and helped for my duration.

The sentiment surrounding my case is euthanization. Why Marc firmly disagrees with something like this even if I am suffering is because my life has been this terror. A constant of living in fear, living through abuse, and living with the uncertainty of whether or not I would make it to see the next day.

Marc believes in chances. In saving a soul that has been torched and burned, in my case - twisted and broken - and giving me a chance at life. A chance to have a family. A chance to believe in hope. A chance for redemption.

In the darkness that is my world, I have waited for the day in which someone would rescue me. In which someone would pull me from the darkening Earth and whisper - it's okay. It is over. Your darkness here on Earth is done.

To those at the Vet Center - Marc has already made a financial committal. Please do not give up hope for me and do everything you can to save my life. Once I can leave, Marc has an Orthopedic surgeon and rehab facility waiting for me.

If given a chance - I know I will move mountains and souls...

Save me.

Note: My case is being reported and my abuser has been reported to the police by the intake and Veterinarian staff.