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What To Do When You Suspect Animal Abuse

Even if you cannot see it, it doesn't mean that it is not real.

Animal abuse is widespread and rife in America. The hardest thing when it comes to the abuse of animals is that they cannot speak. They have no voice. No way to tell the world or the people around them what is happening and what is going on.

Because of this, they are easy targets for a person's anger. Because they show emotion and pain when hurt, they become easy targets for someone exploding their rage. If you know what to do in a situation of suspected animal abuse, you can really be the difference in saving a dog or cat from an abusive hell.



Dogs that are wounded and need medical attention (strays)
Abuses cases consisting of physical abuse and neglect



Saving an animal from an abusive situation is a lot harder then one would think. You should always work to report the situation to the local departments that handle abuse in your county first.

If you cannot get the help desired or needed, that is what we are trying to build. Currently we are still developing our first responder network. We are communicating with Animal Control and Cruelty services to determine how we can legally maneuver and to what lengths we can go without impeding and breaking their rules and regulations.



If you are having a hard time in regards to an animal abuse situation - please contact me. I prefer text messages:

(916) 996-6610

You can email me as well, but texting is always the best way to contact me and get a fast response.

If you find a dog that is abused or hurt, text me and I will help to facilitate retrieval of the dog and make sure it gets the medical treatment it needs.



The Animal Hope and Wellness Foundation is at the forefront when it comes to raising awareness
about animal abuse. What it is. How to work together to stop it.
But most of all, working in the streets rescuing dogs from real life abusive situations. Some cases are neglect situations where dogs are literally starved to death. Most however, are physical abuse cases where dogs are beaten, crushed with fists, and brutalized beyond human measure.

The cases we accept - neglect, starvation, physical abuse. If you find a dog some place and it is severely hurt, we will also pursue those situations as well. Text message is instant, and we respond pretty quickly to our Instagram account so those avenues are the fastest way to report a circumstance.