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My name is Gumby...

If you meet me, you will think that I am one of the cutest dogs on Earth. In spite of that, Marc, my rescuer from the Animal Hope and Wellness Foundation believes that I will be a very hard adoptee. That to find my home - it will be difficult and may even take me years.

The reasoning...

I was hit in the face by something or kicked, with such sheer force that my jaw is broken and I am missing teeth on one side of my mouth. Veterinarian specialists are not quite sure why I am blind as well - but I cannot see and my eyes, one of them appears to be smashed into the socket.

I walk differently, and Xrays show I have sustained a front leg injury and broken ribs as a result of repeated abuse. My toes are cracked and fractured, and so is my left foot. Because of the mass amount of injuries, and because through time they have healed broken, it is believed that I have sustained them through a repeated cycle of abuse.

About the abuse sustained in my former life - any one who undergoes constant physical harm by another can understand and empathize with what I have been through.

It is a soul shattering ordeal. Not knowing what you did or when it will happen... But it always does. The hand that claims they love you. The hand that feeds you. The same hand that rips into my flesh. And breaks bones.

When I was lost in this place and living through this hell - I would dream of death at night. My eyes would fixate upon this dark space in the ceiling - and I would think the only salvation for me at this time existed in me not existing. I dreamt of death, that it would be some kind of deliverance for me. An escape. A freedom from persecution and pain.

I'm newly rescued and now I ask - where do I go from here? What kind of life awaits me when I can no longer see? Who will want me?

When I met Marc, he told me he knows of other dogs like me. He told me stories on our drive to the Emergency center in Santa Monica. Stories of dogs he has known and rescued that share similar paths, that now have amazing lives.

He told me that he cannot work to change my past. That he cannot work to change the devastation that has been my life. That all he can do is show me a way forward and guide me towards a loving home, giving me the best possible chance at happiness.

He spoke to me about anger. And about rage and desperation. About not forgiving, and not trusting and not opening my heart - that it would only hurt me in the end.

That people and animals - because of their suffering and past, build these prisons around themselves that they cannot escape. That anger and resentment, that it's a never ending cycle. And that even though life has been unfair, that's it the journey forward that matters. The quest to find what all people are searching desperately to find.

Love. And their way home...

Help me find my place in this world. Help me find the dream that Marc told me exists. Share my story. Help me find a home.

Note: We will be accepting donations for Gumby. Most likely he will undergo surgery to repair his broken jaw and facial structure. His rehab and care will not be cheap, so if people care to help we will accept the help.

Currently Gumby is being fostered with me and my family, at my home. Today I am driving him to Santa Barbara, so he can hear the waves press upon sand, and smell freedom in the salty sea. I want him to feel human. To feel that in the end - that life balances itself out.

Our foundation deals specifically with abuse. But really Gumby is the first of a kind for us. When I think about what he has been through, the years he has had to endure this kind of daily horror, it makes me sad and sick. That there are people that actually do these things to other living creatures.

I am saddened. And still cry when I think of it.

Gumby to me is the most special dog. How anyone could be so enduring I will never know. How they can forgive. How they can move forward. How he could be stronger then me.

He is blind - but really, it's like he can see. And maybe it's because I'm in tears around him - but he trusts. And he is so brave. I need a good home for him. I need him to have a special life. I will fly him any where. I will do anything. Please.


Help me to find a dream on Earth for him. Help me to make his survival worth something.

Currently... He is excelling and doing great. His injuries have healed and the majority are past abuse injuries that he has learned to live with. He can eat on his own. And his care is pretty simple. He has had no accidents in my home, and does well with other dogs and children.