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Hope - Dog Thrown Against The Wall

Marc Ching

You would break down into tears if you were here. The inhumanity. The death. The desperation. A living hell.

My visit to the LiYuan Provence - and who I am is in utter disbelieve and in tears.

I literally watched them throw this dog against a wall. She's still alive. Still breathing. Convulsing, having seizures, and throwing up. But still alive.

I am headed back into the city to a hospital by my hotel. My guide and translator found us an emergency hospital that will take her in. We are about 40 mins away.

They tried to kill the dog right in front of my eyes - and I still had to buy her from them.

They have no compassion. No sympathy for the soul of a living breathing animal. They literally flung her against a wall. I am sick. I am disgusted. My translator had to pull me away from attacking the guy. It is a different world out here. A different place.

I am so thankful that I live in the country that I do. I am so thankful to be an American. To be able to breathe free air. To live in a country that regulates this type of unwarranted abuse.

If I can save her life. I am going to try to bring her home with me. In hope and wellness we try...