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I matter. I exist. My dark days are behind me...

My name is Bella, and I have been at the Animal Hope and Wellness Foundation for almost my whole life. I was found discarded in a dumpster with myself, my three sisters, and my mother - covered in both feces and blood.

When we were discovered, Marc from the Hope and Wellness Foundation rushed immediately to come to save us. Upon arrival my mother and one of my sisters had passed, and I was left with my two siblings to face both the challenges and woes that this Earth has to offer.

Immediately after being found and attended to, we were put into foster care where we stayed with our foster mother until we were old enough to enter the rescue. Life was a dream back then. And that memory of having a space to call my own - it is still embedded on my heart.

Two weeks ago my sister Feather was finally given a chance, and is now in a foster to adopt situation hopefully at her forever home. Me and my sister Copper however, are still at the foundation where no one yet has expressed interest in homing us.

Why I am making a plea for me and my sister's life, is because this should not be our end. Even though it is a good place, the foundation still should not be our home. It is not fair when people are buying dogs each day. When people are looking for puppies in all different places, but do not look to give us a chance.

I know we have a horrific story, I know we come from a place of destruction and death - but it doesn't make us who we are. I was young back then. So the abuse sustained in my life and the person whom took the last breath from my mother's lungs - I have grown passed that. I have taken that trauma and pushed it far underneath the surface. I am whole. I am ready.

Really I was much too young to remember the trauma. Really I am just looking forward into the future. Looking for the same thing we are all searching to find, love and our place in this world.

Life is not fair. And why people do the cruel things that they do, I will never understand or come to know. All I can say is this - that I deserve a chance. That I matter. And that my past makes me better.

I am a story. I am symbol of a dog who defied death. A symbol of what our country preserves and works daily to defend - freedom. I am gracious to be alive. I am even more thankful to have a breath. Give me a home. Give me a chance. Be the true meaning behind rescue - saving a dog that was supposed to be dead.

I weigh 5 pounds. Am 8 months old. Fully healthy. But most importantly - I am ready to be homed.

Please support the foundation we come from. The Animal Hope and Wellness Foundation. This organization looks for dogs like us. Dogs whose last breath is imminent. Dogs who have been suffocated by the dark night. Dogs - who symbolize the true meaning behind rescue. Dogs that need a chance.