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My name is Trinity...

I am a puppy, just 6 to 7 months old. In my short life I have been through such a tragic changing ordeal that now and for the rest of my existence who I am will no longer be the same.

A few days ago I was found and turned into the shelter with my foot missing and my leg bones protruding through my flesh. Veterinarian specialists feel that my foot was cut off by a person with the use of some sort of instrument or tool (with a distant possibility being that my foot got severely mangled in a fence).

Shortly after being found, I was taken to the shelter where they amputated my leg in order to save my life. The tissue surrounding the area in which my foot was cut off had rotted, and an infection had set in pushing them to choose amputation as the only means for my survival.

I am currently on IV fluids at the vet and IV pain medication, as well as antibiotics. I have a fever, but it is general consensus that I will make a full recovery.

What's sad and hurtful about my journey is that I lost my faith in humanity. I always believed human beings to be a kind and compassionate race. Leaders. A majestic being that our kind have looked up to for centuries. While I am young, I feel that in an instant I have aged 100 years. I am afraid, frail. And scared that my journey has been cut short, and that I will never fully live the life that was meant for me. Someone took my foot. Cut off the end of my leg without reason or hesitation.

How could I ever look at people the same again.

My personal journey will be about learning to trust. It will be about trying to make sense of the space that resides around me. I am alone. Scared. And all I want is for someone to rescue me. To reach out with their hands and show me with more then just words, but with tears that bleed the story of a similar path. A similar understanding - so that one day I can learn to love even after someone has hated me this much.

I will be heading to foster care with the Animal Hope and Wellness Foundation, where I will wait for the person that is meant to love me. But more so, for the person that will teach me - I do not need feet or paws to walk around free. That all I need is the strength in my heart. And a place to call home.

Mom - come and find me. Please...